Impact-driven private investor group seeking investments in business as a force for good

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Who we are

  • Changemaker Capital Partners is an entrepreneurial investment firm seeking investments in cause-driven industries and sustainable companies.

    We focus on opportunities to build value in our investments through sustainable company operations and socially responsible management practices.

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Working with us

Business owners often invest decades of their lives in building companies that generate a positive impact on customers, employees, the community and the environment. However, few options exist to maintain continuity for a company's mission after a transaction.

Changemaker Capital Partners provides an opportunity to partner with ambitious, long-term investors who want to ensure that your business, along with its social or environmental mission, continues to flourish.


Investment criteria

  • We are actively searching for US-based companies with the following criteria:
  • Sectors: Media, Education & Training, Health & Wellness, Environmental Sustainability, Eco-friendly Products, Sustainable Food
  • Attributes: Recurring revenues, stable profitability, diversified customers, and a strong team
  • Impact: For-profit companies with products, services or operating practices that drive social or environmental impact
  • Size: Revenues $3M-$50M, Cash flows of $1M-$6M, with at least 10 employees and strong mid-level management
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How we invest

As an entrepreneurial firm, we are open to a variety of investment structures, including investing in companies seeking a management transition or capital to fund growth plans. Learn more.

Preparing for a transaction?

A transaction process can put significant strain on a small business, so it helps to start preparing early. For a confidential consultation regarding a potential future investment in your business, contact us.